Vienna’s Best: Beethoven

One of Vienna’s well-known composers was Ludwig Van Beethoven. He was a very predominant figure for music in the Classical era as well as the Romantic era. Many say he was the best composer who ever lived. No one else has come close to making the music he made in his lifetime. Beethoven was one of the classical music shapers and he helped classical music gain an identity. He was known to be very mesmerizing as well. For him, composing was his addiction. This is how he fought off boredom. However, Beethoven was not a very happy man. In fact, it is said that he had thoughts of suicide and low self-esteem.  Here are some interesting facts about Beethoven and his life.

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                        The Beethoven We don’t know About

  • Beethoven started losing his hearing and this caused him to lose focus on composing.
  • After he went deaf, he still composed some beautiful and monumental music.
  • Beethoven’s father was obsessed with Mozart and wanted his son to be a prodigy as well. He would make him play piano until he was crying, every night.
  • When Beethoven was 11, he was forced to leave school. He had to help with the family income.
  • Beethoven never learned about multiplication or division.
  • Beethoven was known to be rather flighty or airheaded. He was always zoning in and out of conversations with his peers.
  • When he was 17, he visited Vienna for the first time. He was supposed to play for Mozart. The results of the meeting were never discussed, there are rumors, but nothing definite.
  • He was great at improvising. Then he went deaf, and this changed.
  • Beethoven decided to move to Vienna when he was20. Joseph Haydn gave him lessons. It was said that they did not like one another at all.
  • Beethoven was not a lady’s man, nor repulsive to women. Some would adore him, while others thought he was crazy and hideous.
  • He was always a sick child, even growing up he was very sick.
  • Beethoven suffered from many ailments. These included: going deaf, colitis, typhus, skin issues, jaundice, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, and many different infections.
  • When he was 27, he began hearing the ringing in his ears. The cause of his deafness may be because of an infection he had as a child.
  • When he went deaf, he thought about killing himself.
  • His dad was an alcoholic and he abused Beethoven when he wasn’t playing the right notes.
  • Beethoven was known to be an odd ball. He was obsessed with bathing often but would wear dirty clothes.
  • He was known for not emptying his toilet.
  • He wasn’t very clean and would leave dirty dishes throughout his home.
  • He despised giving piano lessons, only for those who had talent or young pretty women.
  • He had to work hard to be comfortable with living. Therefore, he gave piano lessons and published his own music.
  • When he was 56, he passed away during a bad storm.
  • There were many people in attendance of his funeral.

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